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On this site you can upload videos via links from YouTube and other movie servers, here is a brief guide to embed video:

Registered users can insert new video, which is inserted pages of balanced via the link at the bottom of creation, you must select the appropriate category.

Anyone who link in video  bears responsibility itself!

Web not responsible for embedded videos!

There is a ban import inappropriate videos, this is an example with a sexual motive, violent active, black chronicle, film production or music propagation for the purpose of promotion or advertising!

With Registration I agree with the rule inserting videos

Follow the rules!

How to properly insert a video?

Load new page
At the bottom of page, paste the code below to: Post / Page settings
Video Embed Code or Self-Hosted Video
Dailymotion or Twitch or Vine or Vimeo or YouTube embed code:

Add to the correct category and assign tags (not load new)

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